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Woman caught trying to kidnaps baby in Malakal.



This happened yesterday in the beach neighborhood in Malakal.

At eight o’clock in the evening, a woman who fabricated herself entered that she was coming from a journey and did not know anywhere in Malakal and was received by the wife of McGaj Meek Kat, belonging to the community of Nakwal Yak in the Auer Fabul area.

During which the lady said ( The thief) that she was hungry, the wife of the Gen went out to a shop to buy her juice and when she returned home, she found her two months old child missing.

After she alerted us we made a direct contact with the security agents  and the senior community leaders within  the area  to inform them about the incident, warmly and within a span of time the youth and security services surrounded the area  and manage to arrest the woman.

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