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South Sudan Youth Formed a Parliament on Social Media



A group of South Sudanese Youths formed a parliament on Social Media to encourage the system of democracy, development, and justice for all South Sudanese citizens.

The groups called themselves ‘South Sudan Social Media Parliament’ that represent the current country’s parliament on social media said they are against internal wars and violation of human rights in the country. Speaking to one of the chairmen of the specialized committees, the chairman empathized that their intentions and moves of creating a Social Media parliament are a popular call for all the youths countrywide to discuss and brainstorm on the issues of concern toward the country.

“South Sudan Social Media Parliament was formed on the exact capacity like the current TNLA with specialized committees. We are youths and the leaders in the making, so our motive of creating the platform is to teach ourselves good leadership styles and get into close contact with the South Sudanese on Social Media and educate them about patriotism, loyalty toward the country and peace. We are great people in a great country, therefore, we urge all South Sudanese on Social Media to join the group and debate with us on the important matters. And our speaker of the house is Hon. Wani Michael” -said one of the specialized committee’s Representatives.

Sudan National Legislative Assembly is the country supreme body that supervises the national executive commissions and works as people’s representative body with the government.

Since 2010, the current National Legislative Assembly has been the lawmaking body without elections. And due to the current political integration, the Partners of 2018 KPA will reconstitute the parliament and add another major number of members to the parliamentary house based on the R-ARCiSS.

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