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I was ignored in a Basement, Very cold,No food and Table to eat on, Emmanuel Jal



South Sudanese Canadian based Superstar Emmanuel Jal disappointed after he was downplayed in a basement to wait for performance as Organizers Gave popular artist a VIP treat.

This didn’t go well with the South Sudanese superstar and this is what he wrote on his Facebook platform.

“I was doing a fundraiser for a charity in Uk and there were major artists involved.Even though I was an headliner I was not given a seat or table to eat on. I was put in a basement that was cold and not comfortable. My manager was so crossed by it.

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I didn’t get mad at that time, my contribution was my music and story but other names where the one that sold the tickets. I Understood what was happening.

To God we are equal to man we are as valuable as the problems we can solve, the other artist got well treated because they were more famous and the their names made people pay a lot of money that solved that charity problem that day.

The problem you can solve justify your worth in the market place. Our ability to solve problems depends on our mental and heart power. Every body has a problem that need to be solved.

What problems are you solving now that are adding value to others ? What do you Think was going in my mind that day at the basement? How would you feel if you were me?

Are you feeling like you are not getting treated well?What’s your plan? How can you pull up your teeth 🦷 so that you get more value?”



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