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John Frog: It is individual’s right to praise or not but that is not the case



John Frog the South Sudanese music industry upcoming superstar says every artist has a right to or not to praise anyone based on (h)is/er personal interests and rights.

In every fraction of the world, Musicians honour or appreciate whoever tuxedo their interest whether personally or publically. Mr Frog’s recent single “Kiir Arac or Kiir is bad” has been the milestone of conservation at all political boulevards and the entertainment industry as an entirety.

It is relatively noticeable that the Singer is singing to market his music brand as a matter of popularity is a prime interest.

Unique opinions ensued since the furlough of “Kiir Arac” song; some preponderance of the people mumbles John Frog sang the song purposely to make a dough and some critical thinkers put it that maybe he is controversially trying to arise amidst the country political and economical crisis as the title winner of public attention.

“People have been on to my neck since the day I broadcasted the song calling me with all sort of terms with few of them who know the meaning of a musician appreciating me for it. Brother, I signify Juba TV, Let me tell you this once again: Music is not personal entertainment medium frankly speaking, – music is an inner feeling centred within entertainment of everybody who has the humour of happiness hints. I sang Kiir arac to impress the group of people who positively think they are true all along about their opinions directly to the public figures I mentioned in the song. I was not singing it to impress myself otherwise I would have sung about my own grievances” – John Frog said.

In a progressive interview, Frog told Juba TV reporter that the song is so inclusive if South Sudanese know how to interpret songs.

“You know, our people need to be moderate in judgement. I may say our country has been surely divided politically if I am not mistaken, and that can not make me as a musician for the people to side with one political camp or tribe. Reasonably, I am a South Sudanese musician representing South Sudan music industry to the world. I don’t pertain to those who are a hazard to South Sudan development in all terms. I am making an effort and my fortunate to solace every denizen who has evolution program toward this country without discrimination and that is why I sent packing this song to make those who are embarking their best feel that their undertakings toward building the nation are heard for example the Sevenday roundabout traffic policeman, Kenyi” Frog added.

A few days ago, the minstrel explained in short that, the later released song is not tribalistic nor aiding any party in case of any political view.

On his Facebook page earlier today, John Frog was quoted saying that, “Everyone has his/her rights to praise anyone s/he deems positive in any developmental project but the critics should look at the other side of the song mostly verse 1 and 2. People with free senses from tribalism and political agenda can interpret it in their favour because it is a combination of all political interests categories” and multiple of his social media followers were so impressed with the assertion.

On September 2018, John Frog released Guondo Sakit song, the song that made him remixed it with Tanzanian’s artiste Harmonize.

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