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Your cousin politician visited your office doesn’t make you a government representative Comedian Fired back at SSA Union.



South Sudan artist Union is on hot water as Several artist have come out with their barrels of guns firing at them with no limit,

And of these Artist is Comedian Dan  who shot his loaded nuclear straight to the face of the Union and it seems like the Union won’t be  there anymore since most artist don’t recognize them as a body.

This what He posted on his Facebook page.

Dear South Sudan artist Union, first of all I would like to apologize for the fact that you are this ignorant and in return I kindly request that you apologize for the fact that you are this arrogant. We are partly responsible for the fact that you don’t know what you are talking about but we will never forgive you for the fact that you don’t know and you think you know.

Secondly, a Union is a society or association formed by people with a common interest or purpose e.g “the Mothers’ Union”. This means it has to be joined. Mothers Union doesn’t have rights over mother’s that are not members. Your Union does not have any rights over me or any other artist that’s not a member.

A few years ago, your Union was called South Sudan Musicians Union. How did it turn to South Sudan Artists Union? Who was consulted during the name change. Which comedian, poet, filmmaker, spoken word artist, DJ, Dancer, visual artist did you consult before you decided to put them in your umbrella? As for me and my family of comedians, I request you give me the name of the comedian you consulted and I give him a call right now and he explains to me on what grounds he had to speak for the comedy fraternity.

In the event that you spoke to someone who doesn’t represent me as a comedian hence nullifies your claim of powers over me and my form of art, I need remind you that a government is the only body that can use the word “taxation”. By government I mean Government not the Army uniform some of you are wearing. That Army is to protect the citizens not tax them.
Just because some of you served and are still serving in the army doesn’t mean you can come and impose laws on artists. You are a civil servant not the president.

In your press release, you argue that your office is highly recognized my Politicians who have visited it. The fact that your cousin politician has visited your office doesn’t make you a government representative. A few politicians have been to my house but that doesn’t make my house an embassy.

Your body is a Union. It has nothing to do with the government and it should not tax anyone. I only pay taxes to the government of South Sudan. Your Union is also under membership basis. This means you only have powers over me if I have joined. The last time I checked, I have never joined any Union in South Sudan. South Sudan doesn’t have the copyright law and it can only be passed by the parliament of the Republic. This means you have no right to collect funds from the public as it is not legal in the constitution of the Republic of South Sudan. I understand all these ridiculous articles are written in your Constitution but your constitution doesn’t concern me for as long as I haven’t subscribed to your Association/ Union.

Return your Union to “Musicians Union” for you don’t know anything about comedy or how to earn from comedy. I also advise that you get a lawyer as a Union because you are gona get yourselves in trouble. You clearly don’t know what you are doing.

Lastly, tell your President Deng Matoto to call me and explain to me how we meet in our lines of work and why he wants to tax me as a comedian.

Yours very disappointed,
Ak Dans

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