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Silver X & Coozos Clan condemned Artists Union’s administration over new policies



South Sudanese Artists denounces the South Sudan Artists Union’s president over the new policies imposed by his administration to tax artists, DJs, TV & radio presenters, promoters and event organizers.

The group of artists in and out of the country dubbed the Union’s administration a Junk body which has no morality and factual principles – completely a limb of political sympathizers who want to lay to rest the country entertainment industry.

Speaking on Facebook live, Silver X underscored that the administration of the current union is bias and deceptive body without the reasoning of artists management.

“It is so stupid to compel rules that are nowhere being inflicted by any artists union even in all East Africa countries. By the way, let me confide you this, some years back Kenya was the leading country in East Africa music industry but unfortunately, they formed a similar body which imposed the similar rules compelled today by the said Artists union and look now, where is Kenya? The leading countries in the East African music industry are now Tanzania and Uganda every year. So, the new rules imposed by the union are nonsenses” Silver X said.

On the same course, Menimeen (coozos clan) vilified the decision calling it nonsensical.

“Imagine! Taxing an artist, is it not nonsensical? The union should first make research before imposing ridiculous policies” menimeen said on a live show with Aruai Kuel music show.

South Sudan Artists Union was founded in 2012 to address the challenges artists face in their daily life.

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