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Mary Boyoi throw shades at female artists.



Controversial South Sudanese female artist Mary Boyoi finally fires back at an incident that took place last week on Thursday 24th of September 2020 at Kilkilu Ana Comedy extra where three female artist accused the organizers for disrespecting and kicking  them out of the reserved VVIP seat which was to be occupied by Mary Boyoi and her Team.

Boyoi responded back by saying I don’t beef any female artist in this industry I only do what is best for my fans and infact who are these female artist talking about my name I don’t even recognize them, Please next time learn to reserve your seat before you attend any show“

We know this story won’t be entertaining if we don’t mention their names of which You and I already know who these three female artist are musu? Ok it’s Lady Kola, Hani Breva and Juna Destar gyal.

Here is what she posted on her Facebook account

I do music without beefing with anyone and when it mean live performance my fans who make me Mary Boyoi do appreciate me because I am killing it. This was Mufta Gelbi Video premier at Kilukilu Ana Nyakuron Cultural Centre last week. For my fellow female artists who where complaining I don’t remember their names in music industry. Please next time learn to reserve your seat before you attend any show because that is what make you professional in music. Don’t attack me on social media (I am a big name very very big is my new song) Big deal Manas Lumori”

What is your opinion on that ? Was she right to respond back in that manner ?

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