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A loyal citizen is a person who shows faithfulness towards the country, remains loyal through good and bad times and feels loyal to a nation by voting merely for the people of the right party.
Loyal citizen also considers by being true to that particular entity that signifies a person’s sentiment in thoughts and actions and strives for the recognition of interest and has a social tendency to cooperate with others to spend intellectual wholeheartedly beyond a narrow personal circle possible for communities of various kinds to emerge and continue to exist and we have seen so far keen to dramatize a conciliation of stability to normalize the clashes happening around perhaps to get rid of things cause disturbances among societies.
In addition, they should be firm in position displaying a revere support to the public’s enduring fascination with ruling party as having the ability to cover all aspects of trick to bring a peaceful coexistence and to prominently feature the most admirable system educationally, politically, theologically, socially and theoretically and in that way, could redress the grievance of the past so as to imitate the spirit of fairness and togetherness that force people to live a healthy life full of wonders.
Loyal citizen patriotically realizes aspiration only through active participation in affairs; aims at a more comprehensive becoming perfect and being a person born or migrated to, that land needs your contributions throughout no matter which class you fall in as long as you have the courage to embrace change, you are fit to avoid retaining the humour of baffle to hold a grudge against one another to move in exercising tribalism, nepotism and opportunism.
Lastly, loyalty has an actual meaning and had been essentially seen in the death of Jesus Christ as a symbol of peace, unity and love, thus one’s loyalty to God means we can definitely glide the same thing in our daily habit so that we shall develop our country in the spirit of loyal citizen.
By Tap Badeng.
The writer is a Theology Student at Bishop Gwynne College.

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