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Public Reactions after President Kiir was named “Man of Peace of the Year 2020”



The “Peace Prize” medal was received with mixed reactions among many South Sudanese who want to see peace and development in the country; however, for a significant number of supporters, this could be a stepper closer to achieving peace and stability.

The negative criticisms were more pronounced than the positive ones with a number of them addressing the need for peace, justice, healing, rehabilitation, repatriation and reconciliation.

“Mr.president ….bring peace in South Sudan 🇸🇸 and your people will appreciate you instead of outsiders…..stop those crimes within Juba and between the states ……charity begins at home ….that noble peace is useless when your people are dying everyday due to unknown gunmen not forgetting refugees in different part of the 🌎. Being homeless for years while your colleagues are in hotels eating their dollars everyday.” Said

Ajak Arou Mayom
‘”Indeed he is the man of peace. Thanks to the world for recognizing and awarded him prestigious prize.” Said Sinjaro Madol

“Yeah exactly Deng Wol Ngong you are telling the truth.which peace that he is talking about really while the people of South Sudanese are dying of hunger. As I Deng Akol ,IAM not recognizing any peace modal that had been awarded to the president.” Said

Deng Akol Aluar
“For South Sudanese people don’t believe those gulf delegates they have been in Yemen for many years, they bring only sadness and conspiracies to our country, they don’t believe in peace.” Said Abdullah Ali Alashwal,
“Congratulations to our dear president for winning this great international peace award.” Said Gatdet Gatjang
“What is the meaning of peace when civilians are butchering themselves across the country? Whoever designed that deceitful award should soak and drink it in a ceremony attend by anti-lies South Sudan’s people.” Garang Hagwer Majok

“Feeling disgusted. This is a really mockery for the people of South Sudan glorifying a man who has massacred thousands of South Sudanese in broad day light. I carry for thousands of slain Nuers in Juba, uncountable Equatorians killed in the villages in defense of self glorification and thirst for power and thousands languishing in refugee camps in neighbouring countries. This organisation has actually spat on the dead bodies of innocent South Sudanese while celebrating on their graves to gain what little Kiir can delight them on. Rest in peace the martyrs of South Sudan. God is watching.” Sindani Sebit Ireneaus

“A real mockery for Junubin. We all know the Arab World is trying all ways of taking us back to the Arab World Countries which isn’t possible any way” Peter Lo Jomoyi
Source: Nyamilepedia

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