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Ustaz Ta Dunia Silver X to South Sudanese artistes Refund the money back to K2 Promotion for a Positive Change.



South Sudanese superstar Silver X has come out public to comment and advice the local artist after majority of them have gone wild bashing the event organizer K2 Promotions for undermining them by not giving them chance to perform at the event.

Silver X has told them to stop complaining instead refund the money given to them by the  Promotion Company.

Here Is What He Posted

” The_Painful_Truth 😭😭😭🇸🇸
But first if you know you took Money for the concert and u never performed please kindly #Refund_Back the money and that will be the beginning of a positive change that you all want
Remember no gain without pain.

01-The promoter or his agends calls you and agrees with you on your 100$ or 200$ or 300$ pay for a performance and coz you are hungry and desperate you grab the money and he pays you off without balance left on him even days before the show. he uses ur name or brand in which ever way he wants to based on his contract with you the artist coz most of us have no managers but even if they have time for money they put them aside.

02- the big day comes be pays the media houses to only focus all there cameras on The Guest Artist and himself The promoter. As money talks The cameras also listen and do exactly what money commands them to do even pens write what they are paid to write , bloggers all the same

03- Day of the show he chooses one or two Of his loyal Artists puts them on stage but not even close to The Guest Artist for Mere interactions on how our SSD music is but only himself has the right to sit next to the guest artist with sponsors. And they explain how our music is to their Guest artist and also tell him what to do. As if we have no artists

04-He pays the security to block the other hungry and desperate Artists who have swallowed the money Never to step near his mega Stage coz he is afraid that if light shines on them they will shine brighter than the Sun and thats what the promotion company is AGAINTS and the player ends his Well planned Game The Guest artist goes back to his / home country peacefully with the image the key players want him to.

Now to be honest who is to be blamed the promoter or the Hungry artists who choosed the money Instead of protecting and valueing their brands for a positive change in the industry. Dont say i wasnt contacted i was but i have my fix terms and and i valued my brand no matter how hungry iam hoping next time they will come with a better deal for the Silver X brand which will be worth the name

To my brothers and sisters who Ate the money, instead of crying and asking everyone to get involved in the mess u entered ur selves in freely
1- you all should be thinking of paying back the money coz yall did not perform Remember no gain without pain 😭😭😭😭 its The painful Truth
2- Learn to deal with the consequencies of your own actions instead of crying and seeking for attention from here and there or even the union coz yall did not sign your money through the union.

But all in all the Concert was healthy for the Industry if only the key players had a good intention for the our music industry. Dont forget its not the first time you are crying of the same reasons but u only choose not to change so stop Crying and i hope u have put the money in a better use.
#NoTE Unless we all start Putting values to our Names/ Brands no matter how hungry we become, No promoter will respect us and they will continue to Waste our Talents and efforts limitlessly.
#The_Painful_Truth😭😭 #OneNess_For_GreatNess
#HLME #LegendaryDrips


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