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Why You Must Join The Stingy Men Association Of South Sudan To Be Rich and Successful in life.



Why You Must Join The Stingy Men Association Of South Sudan If You Want To Be Rich And Successful In Life


Stingy Men Association Of South Sudan (SMASS)? It is a non-governmental, non-political and non-religion organization created by few concerned South Sudan men in accordance with the words of God, partially for fun and realities of life.


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God is behind and in support of this idea. What does the Bible says about SMASS?

“Don’t spend all your energy on sex and all your money on women; they have destroyed kings”. Proverbs 31.

Like our grand patron rightly said some few hours ago,

“Defund your girlfriend and fund your mother. Nothing opens heaven’s window for you like honouring your parents (Exodus 20:12). Don’t be that weak man who is easily manipulated by ‘don’t be stingy’. Girls who use that lines are satanic destiny destroyers. Scripture warns of such evil women in Ecclesiastes 7:26. Once a girl uses that line, mark and permanently avoid her!”.

Right now, some girls are classifying all members of SMASS as broke men. LMAO

As a P.R.O. of the Stingy Men Association Of South Sudan , I say this unto you.

‘Stingy Men Association Members are not broke..maybe some are, which is normal and temporal in the life of every human being.

Qaranq Jongmier, John frog ta South Sudan and other celebrities are part of the association. Are you richer than them?

The joke is on you, who’s tryna kill a harmless fun with your over serious lame thinking. 99% of SMASS members are doing well than you. Let it sink!

How courageous a lady with less than 50k in her acct be calling men broke simply because he refused WASTING money on her makes me wonder if birds of same feathers actually flock together – K2 (member SMASS) said. And he’s right!

If you want to be rich and successful in life, be wise and kind not nice. Niceness won’t take you anywhere in life, but wiseness and kindness will.

Join The Stingy Men Association Of South Sudan, today and safe your ass from unnecessary spending on bear bear bank of no return. Get married and spend on your wife instead. Spend on your parents and siblings and most importantly, on yourself, that’s the best investment in life. Thank you.

Before I drop pen, I would like to address an important issue.

To counter SMASS , South Sudanese women decided to come up with Stingy Women Association Of South Sudan (SWASS) with the motto: “Do Not Open or Do Not Give Free Pussy”, since the men had created “Stingy Men Association Of South Sudan(SMASS ) with the motto: “Don’t Give Money or Let Me See What I Can Do”.

LMAO! That’s okay, but does it mean our women has nothing else to offer than sex? And must y’all see/take everything as a competition with the men?

Not only that, some men had also created what they called “Lavish Men Association”. Lol that is where to find the real broke and unintelligent folks that has no future ambition. Bye bye.

Qaranq Jongmier
SMASS President
Juba -South Sudan 🇸🇸

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