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OPINION: The Effects Of Politics And Economics Growth On Youth In South Sudan.



According to Oxford English Dictionary,
Politics is a set of activities that involve getting and using power in public life, and being able to influence decisions affecting a country or a society.
Separately,economics is the study of how a country organizes its money, trade and industry.
   It has come to my observation that, youth are baffled in preference for being driven either in positive or in negative way then, that would differ to how they perform well in achieving their prioritized goals meaning, they are politically or economically inspired depending on whomever influence them in which I have evidently endeavored by debating some of the targeted issues with them, all I got is that, each follows where they retain their support from despite their political arena or economical concern as well as we have seen so far whatever decide by youth has great impact on the country.
However, I have also observed that, their major interest is much on politics because youth mostly turn up in big numbers where there is public gatherings and you could see everyone preferring to be given a floor to say a word so as to actually fell recognized, this brings in the spirit of pride where majority of them desire to work in the offices rather than dealing on private entities/companies where their political mindset is not recognized and sometimes ignore discussions where  panelists do share accurate views on things really drag on the progress of our economic development and political system. This mindset prevent most of the youth from taking up their talents and abilities.
Therefore, many of them like sitting in comfortable chairs especially in conducive environment, interested only  to always be seen clean and avoided exercising their passions to become global traders and you may get ones having debts with foreigners and still climb to empower others but I do ask, in which way will we normalize our politics and could also stabilize our economy?
There is a difference between being fluent politician and running colossal business individually in that perspectives permit youth in rigorous diligent.
If we want things to be done successfully, we must involve ourselves so we can not talk of having many business-minded foreigners in our country who by then come novice and started owning, managing and operating their enterprises with profits belittle us but benefits their beloved ones back home.
Thereby, youth sometimes seem alienated in transforming this country but you personally rectify to take to an end whatever proved to be the fact that would in its tact give this generation hope of restoring peace and settle economy depreciation method.
We still have the resources yet we lack skills and we will still suffer from deprivation of both knowledge and understanding of the aforementioned terms “politics and economics.”
The solution is, no one is perfect enough but practice make things appropriate for the betterment of its indigenous people.
I hope orienting youth at least there will be a peaceful South Sudan.
 The writer is a Theology Student at Bishop Gwynne College.
@reat_tap. +211926 077 477

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