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I give them Diarrhea: Silver X Fires back.



Junubin Music Legend Silver X aka Ustaz Ta Dunia has unleashed a nuclear post on his new Facebook account the singer also got his actual Facebook page of over 60,000 Fans hacked some few months ago by a close member believed to be from his crew and a friend based in India the matter is still under investigation and the singer plans to take this case to the authority as posted on his Facebook.

And not long ago the singer was savagely attacked by a female singer Lady Kola who claims Silver X doesn’t have to be called legend and here is what USTAZ TA DUNIA clicked back with a wise advise.


Here is what he posted.

The Truth that Causes them Diarrhea

1-#Best_East_African_Artist of the year 2020 

2-#Best_Artist_Of_The_Year South Super Stars Awards – SSUSA 2020,

3- #BestStylistMaleArtist SSFW 2020

4- #BestAfricanArtist of the year Nominee in the West African Face of Photo Arena Awards <WafPa> held in Ghana 2020 .


Now what international are u trying to lie about? Shut up  Collaborations alone can not take our music to the NEXT LEVEL its our people we need to Stand and support our music for it to go to the next level.

So lets keep with the struggle until our people one day embrace the Culture of OneNess for GreatNess and the love to supporting their own Music in order for it to cross borders but we can not take embarrasments as a nation  any more.

Enough is enough kalas lets face the bitter Reality without sugar or salt added to it.

One more Chloroquine to swallow is that we are in the 21st centuary where kids dont even respect there Parents leave alone the elders. But all in all as elders we shall skool them and put them in there right lanes no offense just fixin de Game and for the #Mosquitoes I just made u famous in just a day better off all the years u spent in ur music life thinking u were a star yet u were NOT a star yet but Now U are known soon to be a proper upcoming artist i know in ur heart u are thanking me and the entire nation that took their sweet time to Write ur funny name rightly and shine light on u.

And to all the music lovers Dont fight but lets keep shinning light to the Industry whenever it falls asleep like we did in 2019 in the #TenSongsTenDaysChallenge stay with love in your hearts No Hate. To my brother #JohnFrog Salute bro✊ I did not mention ur name for bad but as an example for all of us to learn from u made a hit though never got any penny from it so unfotunate but yeah the rest must not do the same Mistake thinking they are taking our music to the NEXT LEVEL.
To my family, fans and friends I owe u more love and Great Music more than i ever did.

#OneNessForGreatNess #SouthSudanAtHeart







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