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Here are 10 most famous South Sudanese 2020-21



Here are 10 most famous South Sudanese 2020-21

1. Adut Akech

Adut is A South Sudanese Australian based Model she became a trend in Junub after her relationship went public with the Nigerian superstar Runtown which made most south Sudanese upset and started trolling on her with hatred more details on our website.

2. John Frog

John Frog aka Gondo (Gbondo) Boy became the talk of streets after his song “Gondo Sakit” went viral in 2019 the Singer has since been producing hits after hits which makes him the most loved and humbled artist till his clash kicks off between his former music management company K2 Promotions.

3. MARY Boyoi

Self Proclaimed First Lady Aka MARY Boyoi has been in the entertainment field for a decade now most of her colleagues they began the game with have disappeared like the Monsoon winds but MARY has been here doing her thing like never before the singer is trending for her melodious and unique voice which people are making fun of it but the Drama Queen seems to care-less the singer is set to drop her new colabo featuring Tanzanian superstar Harmonize in the mid week of February 2020 we wish her success.

4. Achai Wiir

Achai Wiir is a business woman of her own kind who is well known for her generosity and also supporting upcoming female model to showcase their talent through her organizations.

5. Mama Amira

Mama Amira ali is the President of this list though we placed her on position 5 for some few reason which we will feature in our next story anyway Mama Amira is an online bully who can’t leave without going live on her Facebook page to attack anyone who mentions her in any bad way currently she is in Juba but she mainly based in the USA.

6. Elizabeth Acuil

Hon Elizabeth Acui is the Minister of Health in South Sudan she became popular when the corona pandemic wiped the face of earth in 2020 Early March, she was appointed in the highest position courtesy of Dr Riak Machar which disappointed the unemployed population of educated youths in the country who can’t can’t get jobs and instead joined in making fun of Hon Elizabeth video that went viral trying to give speech on “ Corona Virus “ with popular pronunciation “Makorono beirus” the video is available on YouTube go and enjoy.

7. Michael Makuei

Michael Makue is one of the top leaders in this country who can’t go a month without making top headlines with his commanding skills though he sounds funny but we are sure he is very serius of his words anyway Do you think he can be a good President in the future ?

8. Comedian Maduol

Koryom Maduol aka Comedina Maduol is a funny comedian of his type that no other south Sudanese can be compared to him the comedian takes time to come with a skit that normally blows everyone mind in an expected way by trying to act exactly with a trending characters of the moment recently he dropped a skit about
“Mary Boyoi” you can watch it on our YouTube.

9. Salva Kiir

President Salva Kiir is the head of this country we know you are wondering why is he also on this list but of course you know nothing moves without his powerful speech and energy of trying to unite all the 64 tribes together.

10. Kur Ajiing

Kuur Ajiing is a South Sudanese business man he became famous instantly after a video of him went viral on social media fighting in Dubai with one of his rival, He is also one of the generous people you will wish to meet in person few months ago he rewarded Mama Amira with a brand new V8.

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