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Top 5 Most richest South Sudanese Musicians.



South Sudanese entertainment has been gradually improving in the past few years since its independence.

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We have been posting flashy stories but we never touched on bringing you the list of our hardwiring musician who are using their art to earn and build a large income into their life so today we are have decide to bring you at-least to five most artist who are enjoying the fruits of this art.


Emmanuel Jal

Emmanuel Jal is a South Sudanese Canadian based hip/hop rapper , Former child soldier and an activist apart from doing music the singer owns a nutrition product brand “GUA” his net worth is estimated to be around $3 Million

Mary Boyoi

On this list MARY Boyoi seems to be the only female artist from the young nation to become the only first richest female artist as per now she is also the Queen of internet and most followed artist in the country after John Frog MARY went live on Facebook on February 4th to respond to online trollers who were hating on her progress and she also made it clear that back in 2012 she managed to scoop a mega deal from Vivacell wort $1.2 Million that means she has more than that in her Account.

Emmanuel Kembe

Legendary South Sudanese singer Emmanuel Kembe is one of the most respected singer in South Sudan he has produced many hits such as “Celebrate” many more the singer has toured many overseas countries for international events his among the most expensive and hard artist to be found though his management team didn’t want to give us his correct net worth but he is among the list of big boys here.

Baby One

You might have not had this name for decades now but Baby One was once the talk of the town in Kenya the singer produced many hits which made many schools girls to drop out due to his energetic trick of performance in early 2009 though he is silent now the singer becomes the top on this list to own more than 5 sports cars and two mansions in Kenya.

Yaba Angelosi 

Yaba Angelosi is one of the most humble South Sudanese musician who have been uplifting talented Junubin artist in the US by producing and shooting for them their music projects the singer owns a Recording Label and a Video Production team under his brand “ASSIDA RECORD” source close to him revealed that the singer owns a House of 3 bedrooms and has shares in one of the biggest companies in DC we won’t mention here that means the singer has got some good inlet into his bank at the end of the month.

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