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Mary Boyoi pours emotional moments when her Kawaja boyfriend deleted her first YouTube Chanel.



Singer MARY Boyoi shared emotional moments on her Facebook page explaining how their Harsh relationship came to an end with her Kawaja Boyfriend.

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The singer also expressed that after their up and down relationship could no longer see the day of light the Kawaja also the biological father of their two handsome sons went ahead and deleted her first YouTube Chanel.

Here is what she posted on Facebook.

My first video and first song as well Single ladies. My ex white American deleted my YouTube account when we broke up because he was also my music manager. I was so hurt and collected pieces of myself together and created this YouTube account again. Three days ago I uploaded the song again and today proudly I can share with you even though the video wasn’t a good quality but this is my breakthrough song that made me Mary Boyoi. We got two beautiful boys together so I have forgiven him because he is the father of my kids”


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