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CLARIFICATIONS: 15 years with no clean piped water in Juba.



1. Our peaceful demonstration yesterday was constitutional and within the legal framework of South Sudan. Those challenging us that we would’ve quietly walked to the police HQ or any government office to present our grievances is just bullshit. Some of you are regime sympathizers who want to change the whole narrative, ask yourself how many petitions, meetings and posting on social media by different people on these issues but nothing was done. If some of you think the approach we used yesterday was wrong, give us a break and use your right channel.

2. We didn’t demonstrate against the foreigners especially Eritreans or Ethiopians as the regime sympathizers perceived but against the reckless water tank drivers. The regime sympathizers should stop coiling the whole story to look like we were protesting against Ethiopians and Eritreans. We protested because we want strict regulations on these water tankers to save more lives. Your regime that you support dearly wasted the 15 years with no clean piped water in Juba. How can a Capital City like Juba survived on water tankers for 15 years with no efforts to fix the situation.

3. We went to the streets because of the poor health facilities and service delivery in South Sudan generally, some of you’ve money and kept your children outside the Country through looting our resources. What’s the problem with demonstrating against the worst health facilities and service delivery?. Is that bad to ask of a government to improve the health sector in South Sudan and service delivery. We’ll not stop demanding for health sector reforms and better service delivery in South Sudan.

4. Just know you can arrest, detain, harassed, kill or target some of us but our desire for peaceful and prosperous South Sudan that works for all of us is unstoppable. We’ll stop at nothing until we see the change in South Sudan we all desire for. One important message is that you can’t arrest, detain and kill all the people of South Sudan who want to see change in a non violent means. You can’t destroy the vision of the people at whatsoever cost.


By Wani Clement


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