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Jack Pro disappointed after Juna De Star showers MT7 with Sweet caption.



Dancehall Singer Jack Pro has recently posted about his return into the entertainment arena but it seems the return has brought many un pleased results after her former lover Juna De Star posted on her Facebook account “

I want to make this clear to whoever follows an artist that when a story pops up about him/her y’all get straight to judging him/her

Being an artist comes with certain responsibilities that only people with music affiliated history gets it clearly and understands it

Well I did make a remark on the saga that went on for quite some time in the media which involved me and some people
I just want to clarify to certain people who failed to note my statements correctly i did say that I’m not MT7’s babymama because we still legally married which means am his wife legally until we’re separated in court we’re still literally husband and wife though we don’t stay together so if i deny being his babymama it means I’m his wife and a i can’t called my husband my baby daddy

Have a blessed Tuesday fams. 

Few years back Jack Pro claimed he was responsible for the singer new born baby but it’s seems like the biological father is MT7 as claimed by the mother.


If it was you who what will you ?


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