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UN Report: Risks and Signs of Conflict Threatening South Sudan



Juba TV South Sudan, April 27, 2021____ A United Nations report issued on Monday warned that South Sudan is at risk of sliding back into a “large-scale conflict” due to the slow pace of reforms and the implementation of the 2018 peace agreement.

“In light of recent calls for the resignation of the country’s leaders, urgent action should be taken to prevent a return to a large-scale conflict,” the annual report of the United Nations experts responsible for implementing sanctions and arms embargoes on South Sudan said.

In their report, the experts called for “a new dynamic from regional and international partners to address the insecurity and escalating political divisions in South Sudan,” to uphold the arms embargo, which ends on May 31, and to impose new sanctions on those who oppose the implementation of the peace agreement.

The experts also called for “an independent assessment of how the government is managing its weapons stocks.”

The report stated that “the number of people in need of humanitarian assistance in South Sudan in the year 2021 is unprecedented, while 8.5 million people have humanitarian needs.”

South Sudan witnessed over a period of 6 years a civil war that left 380 thousand people dead, which officially ended with the formation of a national unity government in February 2020.

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