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Superstar John Frog blast Media Houses for not supporting his new Expensive Video.



South Sudan’s most expensive gang John Frog alias Has come out to blast online Media and blogger for not showing him support.

The star dropped his most anticipated visual which was shot in Lagos, Nigeria few months ago you can watch the video by scrolling down here after reading his post today on People and bloggers who were yapping a lot about him but never showed him love today.
This is what he posted

”Besides the hate and jealousy from some of our media houses who don’t want to share the good work and they always yapping for blaming us for not upgrading our music videos are now quiet on this one cos it’s John Frog mmm but thanks God my people are always standing with me by supporting me in whatever nonsense I’m doing , Good or bad, they never let me fall, I can’t appreciate you guys enough.. we’re almost reaching our target, 10k viewers a day..
For their information, if they think this video is low quality..
this video was shot in Lagos, Nigeria
This video with shot with “Arri Alexi mini, a camera they used for shooting movies. This is not a Redcamera my friends..
So no excuses here.. 😅😅🤣🤣
To my fellow musicians don’t allow these people to yap on their pages next time, cos some of these bloggers have some strength feelings and jealousy in their blood 🤧😂
To my beloved people, I’m releasing another song next tomorrow “ Action n’ Energy.. the love song 🐸🔥
Here is the link
#Kebiir Wara
#Action & Energy “


Watch His Latest Video here.




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