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Man dies with his 15 inch Penis erect*** after taking Viagra in……



A Kenyan man has died inside a lodging after Viagra overdose in Bungoma.

As indicated by a police report, kelvin Opiyo 50,passed on minutes after he emerged from the bathroom in what police suspect was a Viagra overdose

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He was in the company of woman by the name Mary mweni, 31 who is said to have joined him in the room at around 10pm.

They took dinner together – fish and ugali – before the man entered the bathroom and emerged a couple of moments later.

Opiyo then,asked Mwende that they go to bed but the woman requested to shower first.

“While taking a bath, Mwende heard the man groaning. She came out of the bathroom and found the man having removed his clothes and was struggling to breathe,” the report said.

It is at this point that Mwende called the night guard.

“One used and unused condom were recovered. In the bathroom one packet of Viagra was also recovered,” the report read.

The body was moved to mortuary awaiting postmortem.

The matter is right now being investigated by police officers attached to the area.

Source: MurangaNewsPapers 

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