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Vindication of the impostor article against the New MD of Nilepet



Dismissal of the fake claims on the managing Director of Nilepet, Dr Chol Deng that he directed the Human Resource Director to stop the contracts of the employees who were assigned during the former MD Bol Ring Mourwel.

It was on Tuesday 3rd of November 2021when unknown guy who names himself Koang Teny Thomas wrote an article and posted it on the Facebook group predominantly unknown as “SPLM Forum”, disregard thee as fake news.

First and foremost, this is not the first time Dr Chol Deng led Nilepet. Dr Chol had been the managing of Nilepet in the last three years before he was replaced with Bol Ring Mourwel in 2020.

Inasmuch, we all know the good characters. In the last three years of his management of Nilepet, no one day he had been quarrelling with any single staff in Nilepet despite he/she was employed by him or someone else.

Secondly, Dr Chol Deng loves equality and that is if you look back on his past and the current administration, you may find every region is well represented. Even his developmental projects are planned and implemented equally.

Also regarding job offers, Dr Chol Deng doesn’t give jobs based on kinship or friendship with anyone. Hence, he gives jobs based on qualification because Nilepet is a national institution that requires those who have skills to make an institution function well.

Here, Dr Chol Deng didn’t instruct anyone to stop the contracts or the payment of those who were employed by the former MD. Those who were employed by the former MD were/are still South Sudanese who deserve the right to work as other citizens.

Kindly, disregard this statement of this so-called Koang Teny Thomas as baseless assumptions.

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