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Nyanbiting denies being the owner of grounded cargo planes



Reacting to criticism from social media, the newly registered Nyanbiting Aviation denies ownership of the cargo planes that were grounded last week for flying outdated cargo planes in South Sudan airspace leading to multiple air accidents and death.

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On 4th of November 2021, South Sudan Civil Aviation Authority addressed a letter to the office of Nyanbiting informing her that her plane Antonov 26 has been grounded over safety concerns.

In a statement seen by Nyamilepedia, Adau James Mayol, the CEO of Nyanbiting Aviation says the information purporting the suspension of plane from flying are not in place, saying it was a “work of the enemies of progress who are not happy with their business”.

“Our plane is operational and we are ready to go extramiles, those are enemies of progress and we shall deal with them by law. I started this business with passion and there’s no day I will leave it to be spoiled by those who are jealousy on us”. Adau cautioned.

On Saturday different social media and other media outlets disclosed that nyanbiting aviation company was stopped from operation due to safety concerns and for running flights without a co-pilot.

The business woman, Nyanbiting, who was introduced herself two weeks as a single-mother acquired one Antonov An-26 and promised to purchase more aircraft very soon; however, many South Sudanese intectuals have criticized both Nyanbiting and South Sudan Civil Aviation Authority for allowing such old planes to be registered in South Sudan.

Antonov An-26, which is a NATO reporting name, is a twin-engined turboprop civilian and military transport aircraft, that was designed and produced in the Soviet Unionbetween 1969 to 1986 but has been banned in many countries.

On 22 August 2020, a South West Aviation An-26 (EX-126) lost power during take-off at Juba Airport and crashed into Hai Referendum residential area on the outskirts of the airport. Out of the 9 occupants on board, 8 crew members were killed alongside 9 others on the ground.[110]

Last week, another Antonov plane belonging to premium aviation crashed at Gondokoro while on it’s way to upper Nile killing all the 5 people onboard creating a sense of fear for Antonov planes in the country.

South Sudan has been hit by multiple plane crash that are attributed to mechanical errors or planes being too old to operate and the government has tried to restrict some companies from operation; however, the regulations seems to have loopholes making it difficult to fully regulate South Sudan airspace.


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