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KIIR: New government Soldiers to graduate using sticks instead of Guns.



President Salva Kiir has announced that the peace government will graduate the necessary unified forces without guns.

In May this year, the UN Security Council voted to extend the sanction regime for a year despite resistance from two countries—India and Kenya that abstained from the vote.

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The measure renewed the arms embargo along with an assets freeze and global travel ban imposed on eight South Sudanese nationals for their role in fueling the conflict.

In reaction, the government said the sanctions were a threat to the implementation of the peace agreement – claiming that the peace soldiers must be armed.

Speaking at the closing of the Fifth Governors’ Forum, Kiir said there is no other option apart from graduating unified forces with sticks.

“We have repeatedly inform the UN system about the negative impact this has on the implantation of the chapter two of the agreement. All we have received in return are more conditions that do not recognize progress achieved so far,” President Kiir said at 5th governors’ Forum.

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