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Minister Of Health Acuei Elizabeth disapointed after MPs boed her for failing to explain why people are suffering after….



The Minister of Health was on Tuesday booed by members of parliament for being so informal during a presentation at the august house.

Minister of Health Acui Elizabeth disappointed after members of parliament booed her today after failing to explain

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why people affected by the flash floods are still suffering.

In her presentation, Acuei was vague, especially when she was unable to describe – with clarity – some of the challenges facing her docket.

She also referred to honorable members of parliament by their names, by omitting the honorific ‘honorable”.

At some point, she referred to female lawmakers as ladies, a blatant violation of rules and traditions of the parliament.

“There was a question raised earlier by honorable lady there,” Acuei said in one of the dramatic episodes, triggering laughter among the parliamentarians.

In her defense, Elizabeth Acuei said she was new to parliamentary sittings.

“I’m so sorry. I’m humbly sorry. This is new to me. And this is the first time for me to be [here],” Acuei told the MPs.

Meanwhile, the MPs disqualified reports of the ministers of humanitarian affairs and health for inaccurate and incomprehensive.

In their presentations, the Peter Mayen and Elizabeth Acuei were expected to give accurate and updated data on all areas affected by the floods in the country.

“The report is also not inclusive of other areas. There are areas around the country that did not appear. These include Western and Eastern Equatoria states, and administrative areas of Ruweng and Pibor,” said Hon. Nathaniel Oyet, first deputy speaker.

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