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Wani Michael: No peace in South Sudan until all 64 tribes admits the December 15 massacres’



An outspoken civil society activist, Wani Michael, the former Executive Director of Okay Africa Foundation, calls on the 64 tribes to come to terms with the genocide that was orchestrated on the Nuer ethnic group in the national capital in December 21103 and followed by numerous revenge attacks across the country.

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Speaking on the eve of December 15th, Wani warns the 64 tribes that until they collectively admit what happened on the 15th of December 2013 was wrong and justice served, South Sudan may never have peace.

“There will be no peace in South Sudan until all 64 tribes admit what occurred on the 15th of December 2013 and seek justices for the innocent Nuer souls”, Michael stated in his official account.

In a statement seen by Nyamilepedia, Michael admits that today, December 15th, was the day on which President Kiir unleashed his tribal militias on the Nuer tribe to conduct what became known as the “door-to-door” massacre of the Nuer civilians in the capital, Juba.

“Today is a dark day in our history, it was a day when President Kiir assembled his tribal militias to target and killed hundreds of innocent Nuers in Juba because they thought all Nuers support Dr. Riek Machar”, Michael stated on his official Facebook account.

The activist says despite such injustices were done to  the Nuer Community, Dr. Riek Machar has become so silent after he retained his position of the First Vice President.

“Since then, nobody is held accountable for all those crimes committed to innocent South Sudanese. Unfortunately, Dr. Riek Machar got his position back but kept silent on the accountability aspect of these crimes”, he added.

According to the civil society advocate, the Hybrid Court for South Sudan is yet to be established and the government is reluctant to implement Chapter five of the Peace Agreement.

Although president Salva Kiir does not deny that massacres are committed, he is more concern that it could have been worst as he believes that those who made to the UN compounds and are still alive today are lucky to have survived.

So far Kiir has given a blanket apology on behalf of his administration but he does not accept any responsibility for the massacres and any event that followed the December 15, 2013; however, he is reluctant on the establishment of the Hybrid Court.

: Nyamilepedia


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