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John Frog gets a new ambassadorial deal with a Beer company.



John Frog becomes the first South Sudanese artist to officially get a fat deal in 2022, The singer couldn’t hide his excitement but to share the good news with his followers on social media.

Here is what the singer posted on Facebook

“NEW YEAR, NEW BUSINESS AND NEW COMPANY: Just striked a deal with the leading beverage company in South Sudan, “Life industry” as a BRAND AMBASSADOR.

With Life Industry, you can be able to stock your favourite Beers and lite up your day & night with different tastes of alcoholic drinks comprising of South Lite, South Lager, Desert and many distinctive
types of beers.
Proudly Brewed in South Sudan.

#Kede Dugu Wahid

GG Worldwide 🌎 ✈✈
Lucky Charm Management 
Action & Energy”



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