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It will end in tears: Menimeen of Coozos Clan released a Song of all times



Coozos Clan legend Menimeen and the Clanbase artiste, Baby Boy released a banger, matching off the streets of Juba with classic Arabi Juba lyrics.

Menimeen has been keeping South Sudan Music industry widely for almost 14 and without a doubt, he is still the best of the bests.

The song title “It will end in tears” Is currently the talk of the street due to its precise and communicating lyrics that touch the soul of Junubiin.

This morning Saturday, January 22, 2022, Menimeen released a lyric of the song that made everyone question the current affairs of our country both political, economic and cultural aspects.

If you have been looking for the lyric of ‘It will end in tears’ ~ by Menimen of Coozos, then here is it👇👇

(Chorus )

Just know -it will end in tears × 4

Verse one

-U got a sugar mummy ,she sweet like pot of honey ,but the husband is general – (Just know, it will end in tears)

-This young girl with class ,she likes dating men with wives , pyramid (hotel) is your hotel – (Just know, it will end in tears)

-Fi hai kalam sakit ,ita bikush sakit ,amulu kalam farik lakin – (Just know, it will end in tears)

-U like just v8 ,expensive things iphone 8 ,shhhh,but where are you coming from – (Just know, it will end in tears)


Just know ,it will end in tears (×4)

Verse two

-you have a boyfriend,u love posting him ,everytime on status but – (Just know, it will end in tears)

-itazol ta nyakama ,ita bishulu be guwa ,eeh sibu fagara – (Just know ,it will end in tears)

-gali fi social media ,send me naked pictures ,but after breaking up – (Just know ,it will end in tears)

-Radio presenters ,Djs all over ,if you don’t play this song twice – (Just know ,it will end in tears)

Outro – ita asadu wig ta nas bilel ,lakin Toronto ja shilu fi bet

Eeh gali fi hai sora ita kalasu gidada ,lakini fi bet de kombo bes


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