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Suspects busted with counterfeit dollars in Kuajok.



Police in Kwajok town have arrested two people in possession of fake United States dollars, the Director of Criminal Investigative Department there has said.

Brigadier General Akuec Beny Machol says the two suspects -all South Sudanese, were netted with counterfeited US currency worth 2,000 dollars yesterday.

The arrest came after an unnamed trader held one of the suspects, Chok Machar, 25, after realizing he was given fake US dollars in exchange of Pounds.

Machar had wanted to flee with the trader’s money worth 250, 000 ssp when some CID’s intervened and apprehended him.

The other, who Brigadier General Akuec Beny Machol did not reveal his name ran away, but was later arrested too.

“The merchants who exchanged the currency with one of them discovered at it was fake dollars. He was then arrested and admitted that he had fetched the money from a person in Juba”, General Beny narrated to Eye Radio from Kuajok on Tuesday.

Brig. Gen. Machol says the suspects are now under investigation.

In November last year, the National Security Service arrested 14 suspects after they were seized with a machine that was used to print fake money worth millions of US dollars.

The individuals were caught red handed with counterfeit dollars – totaling over $93 million and 400,000 South Sudanese pounds.

The suspects – 12 South Sudanese and two foreigners – were caught during a crackdown by the national security operation division.

In December, the police in Aweil town also apprehended three suspects in possession of cash worth 3,100 fake US dollars.

Followed-handedincident, the national securtotallinged members of the public that counterfeited currency may have been in circulation, and appealed to the citizens to report any suspicious cases.

According to the South Sudan Penal Code of 2008, faking money or owning instruments and materials to use it are national security crimes.

Therefore, it said anyone found guilty of the crimes, is liable to imprisonment of not more than seven years.

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