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Nilpet warned the public about Job recruitment scam



Nilpet Petroleum Corporation company warned about some individuals soliciting money from job seekers in return for employment.
The company brand such act as “recruitment Scam and Misuse of Social Media” by some persons who are not employees of Nilpet.

On the I keynote, Nilpet nary ate its elongateerm and short-term objectives.

“While Nile Petroleum Corporation continues with its reforms and the vision 2027 under the directive of H.E Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit and the Managing Director Dr Chol Deng Thon Abel through innovation, strategic planning, infrastructure and technology”, the letter from the department of external relations read.

“In line with our transparency policies and engaging the public in the activities of Nile Petroleum Corporation, we are pleased to share some of our short term and long term objectives, which we endeavour to. Implement with the full support of the relevant institutions and the citizens of this abundantly blessed nation”, the letter added.

Nilpet claims it is working hard to end the fuel crisis with a key outline.

“• Complete and operationalize Unity Refinery: this will create job opportunities, reduce fuel prices, export refined petrochemical products which will reduce the pressure on foreign currency demands and utilization of energy as a mechanism to boost our economy;
• Completion of Nilepet Building: this will consolidate Nilepet expenses by bringing together Nilepet offices and its Joint Ventures under one roof to save the current expenses on rent, and allowing the allocation of these resources to other prioritised needs;
Stabilize the supply of fuel to the public and national institutions;
Create an equal opportunity for employment and focus on staff welfare;
Achieving production efficiency and selective growth to improve capacity in joint-venture operations
Establishing strategic partnerships with global gas companies to secure presence in international markets”, it added.

The cooperation vows to push forward with transparency within the company by implementing all their claims.

“Implementing further reforms in the oil and gas sector to improve transparency and boost investor confidence.
Reducing operational constraints and production suspensions resulting out of vandalism and violence
Rationalizing the Nilepet portfolio to ensure focus on high-growth potential assets”, the letter says.

In a long address to the public, they jot down the below excerpts.

About the aforementioned subject, we would like to inform our partners and the public to be vigilant of recruitment scams and cyberbullying.
Recruitment scams
There are groups of individuals falsely pretending to recruit on behalf of Nilepet, claiming to work for, and/or affiliation with Nile Petroleum Corporation. They do notify individuals that their academic qualifications are suitable to work as a Nilepet Employee and solicit payment of money for the job opportunity. Nilepet does not ask for any payment from Applicants, at any point in the recruitment process. We have noticed that the very same group of individuals do seek appointments in government offices in the name of Nilepet, preaching negative propaganda and lies. Please note that Nilepet does not delegate individuals/groups of people or employees to conduct meetings with investors and senior political leaders without official permission from management.

Cyber Bullying
The anti-reformist groups are targeting Nilepet top management as they have been doing with other government institutions that have been delegated by H.E. the President to implement the necessary reform, they have created fake social media accounts on various platforms such as; Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp groups, etc. They are using these outlets to preach hate, cause division, disseminate false information and propaganda to tarnish the image of the heads of these institutions. We urge the public, partners, clients and associates to report such individuals to the relevant authorities. We will also take legal actions against individuals found to be defaming Nilpet.

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