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JUST IN: Office of the President asked all political parties to register their parties before election begins



We take the challenge stated by the Senator that ‘President Kiir and Vice President Machar’ should set a date for national and parliamentary elections, by the R-ARCSS,’ as an opportunity to announce the following to the public, our allies, and the international community:

– Appeal to the parties to the R-ARCSS, as well as our development partners to work together in support of the electoral process and to timely hold elections, as stipulated in the R-ARCSS.

– Call upon the UN and the African Union to assist with the process of holding free, fair, and peaceful elections using the recent hybrid census-based constituency model used to conduct the 2010 elections;

– Urge the parties to the R-ARCSS to expedite the establishment of the National Unified Forces by July 9, 2022.

– Urge the R-ARCSS parties to speed up the permanent constitution-making process.

– Finally, appeal to all political parties to register with the Political Parties Council and organize their conventions by January 9, 2023.

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