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Reactions as John Frog’s fan was seen lips syncing Action & Energy with shocking tune



A fan of John Frog was caught a glimpse of singing Action & Energy with confidence and comfort in his shop.

The man surprised the social media users by uploading his video challenge on Facebook which was later shared by John Frog, the singer himself.

The man was seen struggling to finish lips syncing the chorus. He started singing It well from the beginning but last words were not heard giving a sound gigigigi.

“Action & Inaarji, show me show me oh, gigi indimoooooo”, his lips synced.

The challenge of this crooner has been going since it was released last year slowly and developed into what everybody chooses to make a challenge of it now.

We tried to reach out to the John Frog fan but he was unreachable.

Action & Energy was released last year but it seems now the song is becoming an anthem in the streets now.

John Frog was seen telling people how his song gonna hit in 2022 but people were laughing at him. Now, his prediction has come true.

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