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Things that people mistake nowadays



1: I have had sex while Action& Energy was playing, I almost killed her alive after we did; I asked her, “how was it?saidhe said John Frog is the causer to 🚶‍♀️☹️

2: Nigerian players took Action & Energy personally, they went to the pitch instead of chasing the ball, they are running after other players until one of them got a red card they are now out from Africa; it’s john frog’s problem data 😒

3: Youth of Murle and Bor have taken Action and energy into their hands, they are fighting each other now, it’s john frog who composed Action and energy 🥴

4: People thought that if john frog is now brand ambassador of beer 🍺 he is also taking beer 🍺, it’s just because of Action and energy 😀.

5: Lucky charm is a manager of John frog but junubin/bia have mistaken it like they are eating each other, no they are not……they are doing music business 😌

6: People say john frog joined Illuminati that’s why he is trending, no it’s just his action and energy that took him there and being a white heart artiste among them☺️

7: Most of the upcoming artists are attacking john frog just to be famous but no it’s not like that it’s about action and energy🤔

8: John frog had an interview recently and Silver X was the only artiste who attended that interview/show #Kon_köc🤌he is a legend among the claim legends; support your younger’s 😏

9: John frog and Silver X (brand ambassadors) are now enjoying their music small just because they hate no one; they only put their action and energy into their music 🎶🤫

10:Wait a minute 🤌, Do you know that action and energy can give you hope to reach a maximum of 17 rounds?🤨.

Anyway, follow Jubaland Gallery and #Dugu_wuhid before sleeping!!!!!🙋

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