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JUST-IN: School children Protest lack of teaching in Juba



Students from different Government schools camp at the CES Ministry of Education

A group of students from the 10 secondary schools in Juba have today camped at the offices of the ministry of education to find out why they are not in classes.

“We feel embarrassed when most of our colleagues from the private schools keep asking us why we are not moving to school” a student narrated.

She says, that the exams they’re going to sit are the same as the ones for the students in private schools yet they have almost a month without education, but wonders the kind of results they will get.

However, the minister of education Hon. Zakaria together with the city council team led by H.W mayor Allahjabu called on the students to return home and avoid being used by politicians to enrich themselves.

The minister confirmed that he has been in a series of meeting with government officials as a way to fix the problem of the teachers.
“Inshallah, by the end of this week we shall have sorted out the issue of the teachers. The government has an upper hand and by Monday we shall make sure students are in classes with the teachers”. He noted

He has also appealed to the teachers to accept any amount they receive so the students can receive education as they work out modalities to payment.

On his part, the chairperson steering committee of the CES teachers Union Mr George Sebit has kept his word that they are not going to classes if not paid.

“We made it very clear to the national ministry of public service, National security, CES government that our money should be paid as per the new salary structure as directed from the ministry of public service with all its columns” He emphasized.

The teachers laid their tools since the beginning of this year, in what they call a sit-down strike to get their grievances regarding salary is solved.

Different states have been at loggerheads with their governments due to the issue of this money.

Illiteracy remains a concern in s.sudan.

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