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MP defends salary incrament




Dear Public, it has come to my attention that the passing of the Emoluments Bill into law has raised a lot of debate on social media and in particular on Facebook. This is normal for democratic society.

However, I would like to take this opportunity to explain to the public why National MPs passed budget first before the National Budget and how did the MPs reach SSP 800,000?

First of all, the National MPs are following the budget rule which is adopted worldwide. The rule is that before the National Budget is tabled, MPs always table their budget where there is a need for adjustment or increment in their salaries since their Budget is not part of the National Budget.

As it is not part of the National Budget, the Budget for MPs is adopted first since there will be no time for their budget to be discussed alongside the National Budget as the law does not allow it.

Thus, it is advisable that the budget for MPs is discussed first and adopted so that it becomes part of the National Budget once the National Budget is passed. This was the reason the budget for the National MPs was tabled first

The question is why did MPs adjust their salaries from SSP 9,000 to SSP 800,000? What mechanism did they use to reach that figure and have they forgotten civil servants?

Let me answer the first question by saying that National MPs did not increase their salaries but they adjusted them to meet the current rate of dollar which will be applied in adjusting the salaries of civil servants and members of Organized forces.

The National MPs adjusted their salaries based on 2010 to current rate of dollar because in 2010 if MPs used to get SSP 8,000 how much was that in dollars. At that time, 8,000 was equivalent to 3,000 or more dollars if you get that convert it into SSP what will you get currently? You will get more than 800,000 SSP.

However, we agreed on SSP 800,000 because of the current economic conditions. Otherwise, the MPs were going to earn over SSP 2,000,000 as we proposed first. The same calculation is going to apply to all civil servants and members of armed forces.

The salaries of civil servants will be adjusted in the same way which means that the civil servants and army will earn SSP 80,000 or more. Let me tell you that MPs have not forgotten civil servants and members of the armed forces as the National Budget where their salaries will be discussed will be tabled for the first reading on Monday January 31, 2022. All are welcomed.

Before I conclude let me make these emarks as follows:

First, our reactions show that we encourage stealing because we hate honesty and praise those who steal public resources since we don’t condemn them l but we condemn those who come out openly to say what they want. Instead of looking at them positively we castigate them.

Second, let me repeat that the national budget is before the Parlimament and it will be tabled next week on Monday January 31, 2022. We need all patriotic citizens that have been complaining to attend or monitor the debate over budget closely.

Third, the issue of South Sudan is not lack of money but it is that some few cliques in the government do not want the nation activities to be funded as they are using money for their own benefits.

For instance, South Sudan receives over 10,000,000 dollars a day from oil and about SSP 5.6 billion plus 10,000,000 a month from non-oil revenue. If you calculate this month from both sources, you can see that all South Sudanese whether they are working or not can be paid at home. The question is where does this money go? This is the question all of us must ask the Minster of Finance and Planning.

In summary, we have not forgotten the army and civil servants. Their budget is there and we proposed that the person of last grade has to get SSP 40,000 per month.


By: Juol Nhomngek Daniel MP R-TNLA Cueibet County Lakes State, SPLM-IO. .

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