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“Why a man shouldn’t brag about sleeping with a woman” — Actor, Okon



Nigerian actor/comedian, Ime Bishop Omuh

A Popular Nollywood actor, Ime Bishop, aka Okon Lagos, has shared his two cents with men bragging about “using” a woman after copulation.

Actor, Okon Lagos

Taking to his Instagram page, the comedian said women should have the bragging rights to show off after having sex with a man, and not the other way round, as they have the exclusive right to choose who they want to sleep with.

According to the Nollywood actor, men shouldn’t brag because they can only sleep with women they “can” and not with women they “want”.

Okon Lagos wrote,

“As a man, don’t sleep with a woman and brag that you “used” her o. It’s a woman who should brag about using a man!
Men only sleep with a woman they can BUT women sleep with men they want.. when they want, where they want and how they want.

If u get a woman laid, be respectful. Don’t brag except u just want to fool yourself. U did nothing to her instead she did everything to you!”

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