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BREAKING: Scholarship students in Egypt seizes ‘South Sudan’ embassy in Cairo.



South Sudanese Scholarship students sleeping at the South Sudanese embassy in Cairo, photo taken on February 23rd, 2022.

JUBA, FEBRUARY 23RD, 2022 — South Sudanese Students under scholarship in Suez University have seized the South Sudanese Embassy in Cairo due to college fees challenges.

On February 21st, 2022, over 27 students have gathered at the embassy premise in Cairo pleading with the government of South Sudan to intervene in a dispute between them [students] and the college of Petroleum engineering and mining, Suez University. Among them are the students who were enrolled through scholarships in 2017.

According to them, they say they have been asked to pay tuition fees varying from $1000 – $1500 per a semester.

“We have been talking with the university administration and ministry of higher education science and technology (Wafadeen) of Egypt for two years now. But the University insisted that we should pay the tuition fees or else we will not be given our certificates at the end of our studies,” one student who communicated the matter to Juba TV said.

Over years, the government of South Sudan through the ministry of higher education has been sending 250 undergraduate students every year under partial scholarship.

According to South Sudan’s ministry of higher education, the tuition fees are exempted leaving the students to cater for their accommodation, insurance, and feeding.

“We are scholarship students and I don’t know why the university administration is asking us to pay the tuition fees when our government signed a deal with the government of Egypt,” they said.

The occupation of the embassy came after the students engaged in several talks with Wafadeen and the embassy of South Sudan to address the matter.

“We immersed the embassy because the embassy has been so mute concerning this issue for two years now without even forwarding our grievance to the Ministry of higher education in Juba,” they added.

Last year, minister of Higher Education of Egypt, Khaled Abdel Ghafar asserted the depth of relations binding Egypt and Sudan in the scientific, educational and research fields, adding that Egypt’s political leadership has issued directives on offering all possible support to South Sudan in all fields.

This came during Abdel Ghafar’s meeting with South Sudan Ambassador to Cairo Joseph Moum Majak and President of John Garang University Abraham Atoch and their accompanying delegation. During the meeting, Abdel Ghafar affirmed that Egypt is attaching special attention to Nile Basin countries and Egypt is keen on beefing up cooperation fields with all sisterly countries.

He said Egypt was keen on removing any hardships facing students of South Sudan at the Egyptian universities as part of an executive program signed between the two countries in 2017.

The South Sudan ambassador, on his part, praised the warm welcome he received in Cairo and highlighted the higher education ministry’s support for John Garang University and its scientific research programs. The two sides agreed on further enhancing their future relations, especially in the educational and research fields along with offering more scholarships and enhancing the professor’s exchange program between the two sides.

This is not the first time the under scholarship students occupies the embassy. In 2015, the students in almost nine public universities seized the embassy over pocket money promised to them by the government of South Sudan when they depart Juba.

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