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Salva Kiir: I have pledge not to return this Country to War.



His Excellency Salva Kiir Mayardit, President of the Republic of South Sudan Press Statement.  Monday 28th March 2022

Here is the speech by the President today.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press, I come before you today to affirm my government commitment to peace in our Country.

In many of my Public remarks, I have pledged that I would not deliberately return this country to war and remain committed to this pledge.


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That said there are challenges we need to confront honestly as a people along with our partners to remain total  peace and bring prosperity to our people.

One challenge that has paralyzed our progress is the negative narrative cultivated during the war about the government.

This same negative narrative has depicted  many senior government officials in bad light, For those who followed events in our country, They know this narrative has external dimension but it is mostly rooted in our internal political competition, which was and still driven by personal ambition that does not factor the best interest of the country into consideration.

We are all aware that in the period between  2013 and 2016, Many atrocities was committed by both sides in the war. These unfortunate events was investigated by eminent personalities like President Obasanjo who submitted his report to the African Union. His report found allegations of war crimes against humanity within the country. Justice John Wol  Makech and his team also investigated this dark chapter in our country and also came up with this report that contradicted some of President Obasanjo findings.




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