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The national Minister for Information, Michael Makuei Lueth, has dismissed rumors  that he owns some herds of cattle causing havoc in the Equatoria region.

Speaking during the wedding ceremony of Dr. Mach Majier Gai in Juba on Sunday, Makuei asked for proof of the presence of his cattle in the Equatoria area.

He challenged the rumour mongers to back up their claims, saying he would allow the army to slaughter such animals if he had them.

“People say these cattle belong to those of Makuei Lueth [sic]. If you think I have cattle there, [then] give Makuei the responsibility of it. I will allow the army to slaughter them. If you know that I don’t have cattle there, then evacuate the cattle there, “he said while addressing the gathering.


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He called on the herders to move the cattle to their places of origin, arguing that ‘‘waiting for the rainy season’’ should not be an excuse because there is plenty of water along the Nile.

“The pastoralists are here claiming that there is no way they can evacuate cattle now. We have sent the army, so [any] person who is refusing to leave will bear the consequences, “he added.

“The army has no problem with the person who has left early, but if you are the last person [then] you will feed the army.

“We have sent the army, and they do not have food with them. They will be eating the cattle of those who are not complying with our orders. “


Late last month, Makuei ordered cattle keepers from Jonglei State rearing grazing cattle in the Equatoria region to leave immediately to avoid the conflict.

“We are responsible for the confusion that is happening in cattle camps here. When we say that you should evacuate your cattle, people say “Okay.” In the evening, the same people go and give different information to herders. I don’t want cattle around here,’’ Makuei said.

He reiterated that freedom of movement should not be misused because everyone owns land in their state.

“If we say these cattle should be evacuated, we are asked why should we take them back, and the constitution says there is [freedom] or citizens [are entitled] to live anywhere they feel comfortable in South Sudan.

“Do not be misled by such statements. It is said that you can live anywhere, but each person should live on their own land, “Makuei added.

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