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JUST-IN: Lady Kola has been arrested



Lady Kola file photo

The South Sudanese Music Sankara, lady Kola has been arrested yesterday in the evening at Juba police Northern division.

A close source to Lady Kola revealed that John Frog opened the case against Lady Kola, his Ex-manager Lucky Charm and their mother.

“Kola was arrested yesterday at around 6 PM by the police and the police said the warrant of arrest contains the name of John Frog as the case opener,” the source said.

The citation revealed that the reason for the arrest was due to Lady Kola’s involvement in what is known as “cyber intrusion” into John Frog’s privacy.

“According to what police officer told me, Lady Kola and Lucky Charm took the iPhone which was given to John Frog as a gift by Lucky Charm —and sneaked into John Frog’s private apps and photo galleries where they found what they [Kola and Charm] alleged to be infidelity and nudes exposition”, said the source and “That is all that happened and I am certain that the two sisters have access to Frog’s social media accounts and have change all the passwords including the emails to John Frog media. The police said that’s what prompt the arrest of Lady Kola and police are still looking to arrest Lucky Charm and her mother as penned down in the warrant of arrest”, she said.

Juba TV reporter tried to contact John Frog but couldn’t be reached because all Frog’s SimCards are seized with their phone.

According to fans’ reactions, John Frog and his manager have been dating and went through all sorts of related procedures that mean the termination of the managing contract was due to a break-up.

“Lucky Charm wants to have John Frog for herself alone”, the fan commented.

It’s one year now since Lucky Charm became the manager of the trending star, John Frog the “Guondo Sakit” and “Action & energy” singer.

“I announcing that the contract between Lucky Charm management and artist John Frog has been terminated”, Luck Charm abruptly posted on her page.

There are a bunch of reasons for the breakup of John Frog and his charming manager.

Other sources alleged that Lady Kola is the master minder of all this chaos.

“Lady Kola has been posting posts after the other on Facebook which automatically indicates that Lady Kola is the machine behind the saga”, the social media user reacted.

John Frog on the other hand has been into many temptations with the self-proclaimed promoters and managers since his rise to the top of the South Sudan music industry.

Since his clashes with Kay two, John Frog has been battling his fellow musicians who see him as a threat to their music success.

Ending the good fight, John Frog later reconciled with promoter K2 and his team during the leading promoter’s birthday in December 2021.

John Frog being the most controversial musician in South Sudan has faced multiple social media attacks and bullies.

Lady Kola and John Frog have been good friends and in-laws [as alleged] and it has caught the public by surprise since the outbreak of the gossip fight.

©Juba TV report

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