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Larson Angok says New V8 Gift has brought a Thousands Problem to him and his family & friends.



Singer Larson Angok is among the luckiest Musicians to have won our top leaders heart by composing a praising song to them which tremendously gained him more fame plus a Luxurious Vehicle.

The Singer received a brand new V8 Land Cruiser from the Presidential advisor Tut Kew Gatluak worth more than $100,000, The singer was in happiness mode but a few weeks later the Precious gift has turn his celebration mood into regret as people line up for him to share the goodies with them.

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“The car has given me a thousands Problem with my friends and family” The singer posted.

This is what the singer posted on his social media handle.

“The car have given me thousands problem with my family, friends, colleagues and fans. Everyone need money can i give it back to the owner or I sell it out and distribute money to them because I can’t take it anymore”

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