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Former advisor to President Urges Citizens to contribute Cows to fund SPLM Programs.



A leading member of the ruling SPLM party is calling on supporters of the party in Lakes State to contribute 20,000 herds of cattle for development programs.

Daniel Awet Akot made the remarks during a rally for the reorganization of SPLM party structures in Rumbek town on Friday last week.
Awet Akot said the contribution would be used to finance the development of feeder roads and provide food assistance to those in need in the state.

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“What can we do with resources that are in Lakes State? I know you are hungry and you have not been paid, but you have over 2 million cattle. For SPLM to get money, people have to contribute these 20,000 herd of cattle,” he said.
“Let’s use the cattle that are with us for feeding those who are hungry,” Awet Akot urged.
Awet argued that the country’s development programs should not be entirely left to the national government, urging everyone to extend a helping hand.
The SPLM Secretary in Lakes State, Asunta Buoda James, welcomed the suggestion, pointing out that the state has the resources to finance its activities.
“Wulu has honey, stones, rocks so we have a lot of resources from Wulu more than cattle,” Asunta claimed.

In 2005, the SPLM, through its former leader pledged to rebuild the war-devastated South Sudan using existing wealth.
The ruling party also pledged to take towns to the people through rural small town planning and rural electrification.
But till date, SPLM is yet to realize any of its missions set during the liberation struggle.

Via: The 211 Magazine  

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