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Menimen Respond: Some of them (Artistes) see making a living in praising people.



Entertaiment industry in South Sudan has not earned Local artist the big bag yet  especially in the music juncture despite the hard work our musicians  have put on compared to the previous years.

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Some even went way forward to spent the last dime from their life time savings to at least shoot a high definition music videos just to put our flag on the world level but with all that no fruit was yield.

Of late a line up of Musicians have shifted Their music desire instead of singing to their fans and educating the community they have turned into Praising top officials so as they can be favored and given V8 which is now the trend, Our Team posted and asked what could be the reason to this high trending behavior and at least one of our top artist Menimen Has this to say.

Here is What Menimen Posted. 

“Juba TV corrections on the statement saying “our musicians have turned to professional beggars”
I rather think it should be “Some of our musicians have turned to professional beggars “

Some of us hustle hard day and night and we make a living and very comfortable as well
We are not doing music for gifts from either government or individuals

As a person and a professional artist, I don’t see anything I need from anybody apart from bussiness and pure bussiness

But also not to blame most artists ,some of them see making a living in praising people ,and if you are frustrated trust me you will do that .

But the sooner you realize that you are a brand and ready for bussiness is when you will start signing contracts and not asking for gifts”


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