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Viper Koko in tears as Rebecca Trey blocked him on Facebook.



Drama after Drama and this is the part of South Sudan’s entertainment culture this time is non other than Your favorite veteran female singer Rebecca Trey and Viper Koko.

On a public post seen on social media the Son Of Pharaoh album boss Rebecca Trey is not a happy woman after the singer posted a disheartening message targeting the young Dancehall Killa Vipe Koko as the female singer warned him to stay away from her and went to the park extend of blocking him on Facebook.

This is what the singer posted.

The word is “went” to Lainya not when to ah ah!!!!😠……… and Viper KoKo I warned your gender in a post to stop making me happy more than my boyfriend coz I hate confusion!! So sad to inform you that you’re the first victim!!I have blocked you already just wanted to let you know😒😒

#KUN_JUWA audio dropping soon

#SONOFPHAROAH Video loading


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