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The Security Situation In Nimule Town Is Relatively Tense After Chief Ebele Was Killed.




The Security  situation in nimule town is relatively tense as per this writing

Mourners have mounted a tent in the middle of the main road & they are mourning the body of the killed Chief Ebele.

They are burning tires and blocked the main road with stones and barricades. One roadblock opposite the Nimule police station and another one next to the Nimule bus park, hindering free movement of motors.

The angry mourners are moving with sticks and stones at hand.

Vehicles coming from Juba via Nimule to Uganda and vice versa have been blocked.
About 80% of business activities in the town have come to standstill.

Security forces have been deployed to the scene & other parts of the town.

Currently, I’m hearing a shootout coming from the scene. This is the second shootout after the first one that happened earlier when I was at the scene.
The shootout is believed to be in disperse of the angry mourners to avoid violence escalation.

The situation is likely of a peaceful protest against the killing of Chief Ebele who was shot dead this Monday morning in Nimule town.

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