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Award Former Governor Gen. Clement Wani Konga.




As Central Equatoria government moves to recognised that there were other people who has prepared a way long time ago for them to be dancing in today, they must not just go to set their eyes on how strong or weak Gen. Konga is.

Gen. Konga was a leader of high caliber, respectful, friendly and fearless at the same time, today he is at his weak point in his wheal chair, he need to be recognised by the Government of Central Equatoria State for selflessly serving this beautiful state.

These too many lies must not reach konga, whatever was promised to him, make sure it is implemented otherwise, we are seeing it. This is the only government we expect to award Gen. Clement Wani Konga either with Lifetime Health Insurance, Retirement House, Medal of Patriotism and Legacy etc…

Credit: CES
Hon. Paulino Lukudu Obede.

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