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Bor Youth Response “PR” to the Governor of “EE” Press Hon Luis Lobong Lojore.



In a statement released on 12 July 2022, the xenophobic Governor of Eastern
Equatoria State, Hon, Louis Lobong Lojore, has again doubled down, without any shred of decency, on his year-long unjustifiable crusade against Dinka Bor in Eastern Equatoria.

In his statement, the Governor blatantly blamed the carnage that is unfolding in
Nimule on Dinka Bor even when the facts on the ground out-rightly contradict his
sentiment. Without providing an aorta of evidence, the Governor blamed the
unfortunate killing of Mai civilians in Magwi on nonexistence Dinka Bor Cattle Herders in Magwi area.

The Governor also, without again providing any prove, blamed Dinka Bor for the killing of Madi Chief, who was slain in the ensuing mayhem by the organized forces who were attempting to control the unrest in the market as a result of the killing of the two civilians. As if his dangerous acccusations weren’t enough, the Governor went on to advocate for the expulsion of Dinka Bor citizens in Eastern Equatoria State, notwithstanding their constitutional rights to reside anywhere in South Sudan just as everyone else.

While the leadership of BCYA regrets and decries the ceaseless killing of civilians
in Eastern Equatoria as well as all over South Sudan, the leadership is equally
appalled by Governor Lobong relentless xenophobia against Dinka Bor. As the head of security in that state, the Governor unmeasured outbursts put the lives of our citizens at unjustifiable risk and we urge the Governor to act responsibly in his utterances.

We would also like to remind the Governor that there are no longer Dinka Bor Cattle Herders in Eastern Equatoria State and that those who are still residing in Nimule are citizens of South Sudan who have inalienable rights to reside and find work anywhere in South Sudan.

There is no need belaboring the fact that all citizens stand equal before the law and that each person, in an event of unlawful undertaking, must be held accountable before the law for their crime. It is also imperative to remind the Governor that there is no mass guilt before the law and that any mass expulsion of any group of South. Sudanese citizens is against the spirit in which this country was founded and that he should steer clear of such undemocratic and tribal tendencies.

We are also urging the Governor to provide legally admissible evidence that the two civilians killed in Magwi were killed by Dinka Bor. In the past, the Governor unverifiable accusations against Dinka Bor have led to the killing of Dinka Bor in Eastern Equatoria and it is about time that the Governor is held accountable for his words. As the head of security in that state, he has no luxury of smearing accusations on the citizens under his care without evidence because his words could be used by the rogue elements to target our civilians as it has happened in the past.

While urging calm and restraint in Nimule, we would also like to make it
unequivocally clear that if any camage befall our innocent civilians in Bastem
unity will hold accountable the
Governor of Eastem Equatbrid\ gp : Lobong Lojore, in a competent
court of law.


Bior K. Bior, PhD
Chairman, BCY A-juba
Tel: +211 925 791 451

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