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Facts About Public Consultation Done In Freedom Hall Concerning River Dredging And Resumption of Jonglei Canal.



The Public Awareness and Consultation with Vice Presidents and Ministers on SUDD Wetlands and White Nile Water Resources Development and Initiative. Final Day in the Freedom Hall.

1. Dr.Riek, Dr. Wani and Gen.Taban threatened experts, committee members, and ministers who opposed rivers, dredging, and resumption of Jonglei Canal.

2. These 3 Vice Presidents also refused to accept scientific evidence from the experts, and they claimed to be scientists too and attempted to force Experts to alter scientific evidence on negative impacts of dredging.

3. Prof. Tag Al Khazin, Dr. Deng Majok, Hon.Joseph Afrikano, Eng .Isaac Liabwel refused totally to change their minds and resisted serious threats.

4. Hon. Awut Deng Achuil, Hon.Dr. Dhieu Mathok, Hon.Madut Biar, and Hon.Lily Akol rejected dredging activities until when feasibility studies are done, and they say, “No for Rivers Dredging.”

5. Ministers from SPLM_IO and SSOA didn’t attend, fearing they could be relieved in their positions if they come and oppose river’s dredging activities .

6. Dr.Riek, Dr. Wani, Gen.Taban attempted to reject the resolutions without “Yes for Dredging.”

7. The Committee read out resolutions with a big “NO for Dredging activities and resumption of Jonglei Canal.” and this indicates that SMCs have never lost any battle.

8. It is very clear today that Dr.Riek, Dr.Wani, Gen.Taba, and others Politicians received Egyptian government grants, and they want to lead the country into the Civil
War by imposing rivers dredging activities by force without proper feasibility studies done.

9.The politicians who benefited from Egyptian government grants mobilized innocent civilians in Unity State today to move into rivers and start cleaning using their hands and local tools, saying that the government in Juba has stopped dredging machines.

10. Prof. Tag , say, “elephants are in the room , and elephants are always Egyptians 🇪🇬. Dr.Riek, Dr. Wani, Gen.Taban are Balck Egyptians in the Hall today.

11. “No for Rivers Dredging.”

By SPLM writer: Nathiang Jalap Dongrin

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