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It is sad to see the Speaker of National Parliament of South Sudan preparing to celebrate her time in office where millions of South Sudanese Pounds are going to be spent at the expenses of the citizens who currently live in dismal conditions. We are saddened and annoyed at the same time for the fact that the government officials like the Speaker do not think about the welfare of the people she represents.

For the above reasons, I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the members of Opposition in Young Caucus in National Legislature and all members of backbenchers in TNLA to express my displeasure at the announcement that Rt. Hon. Speaker Madam Jemma Nunu Kumba is preparing to celebrate her appointment as the First Female Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of South Sudan.

Whereas it is good to celebrate our achievements, it is at the same time bad to celebrate our achievements that are not reflected in reality. The Rt. Hon. Speaker has completely failed the Parliament and she cannot proudly announce to be the first Female Speaker.

The Parliament has failed. The SPLM-IG is now reversing towards the policies of the SPLM-IG that were part of the cause of the War. Thus, the Parliament is not now implementing the Revitalized Agreement, rather, it is now implementing the Policies of the SPLM-IO contrary to the Revitalized.
The SPLM-IO and some members of the Oppositions are currently on boycott because the SPLM-IG has discarded the Revitalized Agreement or tactically delaying the implementation of the Revitalized Agreement as a way of buying time and unilaterally decides hold elections since there will be no unified army and the oppositions may decide to boycott elections.

We have seen recently the SPLM-IG Interim Secretary General directly interfering with the activities by directly attacking the oppositions because of the Political Parties Act (Amendment), 201Bills. The interference by the SPLM-IG in the internal matters of the National Assembly has led to the failure of the National Assembly as the Speaker is not working independently.

As the country is facing numerous problems, we thought that the Rt. Hon. Speaker would be someone who can unite the Parliament in representing the people in South Sudan and as part of that representation, we also expected Rt. Hon, Speaker to order the Executive to end the communal violence that is cutting short lives of our citizens on daily basis.

We do not expect the Speaker of the National Assembly to keep quiet in the face of many problems facing ordinary citizens as we saw in Eastern Equatoria, Western Equatoria (where the Speaker is coming from) where ordinary people are staying in the internally displaced camps within their own county.
We have been hearing the violence between Abyei and Twic where communities are killing each other without accountablity. We saw this morning the commissioner burnt to death alive in Mayom County in Unity State. We recently saw in Tonj North where citizens are confronting the army. Roads are terribly bad and corruption is high which

has deprived citizens of the services that they deserve from executive yet the Parliament is not concerned.
The civil servants and members of the Organized forces are not only underpaid but also the government owes them arrears. Meanwhile the prices of basic commodities have gone up. The price of fuel is now SSP 1,000, 50 kg of maize flour is above SSP 20,000, transport in town has gone over SSP 200 that used to be SSP 150.
In fact, the prices of basic commodities are gone beyond the reach of our local people. To make the matters, worse, the rate of $ 100 is over SSP 60,000 today, which makes it hard for those whose children outside South Sudan to afford dollars to send to their children in school.

In the face of the above problems facing our citizens, we expect the Parliament to come out openly to ask the executive how to stabilize the economy. However, to our dismay, the leadership of the National Assembly is keeping quiet even when the Executive are usurping its powers.
We have seen the budget being suspended for three months without the approval of Parliament yet the Speaker is not calling the Parliament to question why the Executive undermine the Parliament. The Executive is delaying the graduation of Unified forces and the implementation of the Revitalized Agreement in general and the Parliament is not asking the reasons for the delay.

It is the America now playing the role of the Parliament as it is questioning the Executive. In the Parliament, the members are dying without medication because the Speaker does not care about their welfare. The Speaker is only concerned with personal aggrandizement as we have seen in her advertisement that she is going to launch JNK Foundation that is Jemma Nunu Kumba Foundation for youth and women leadership development.
It is in reference to all the above explanation this public statement is made to inform the Public that we have the members of the Oppositions who love this country condemn such a decision. We expect, Hon. Speaker to work hard to resolve the stalemate in the

Parliament. We cannot prepare for the celebration at this time when the Public is facing serious threats to their lives due to economic crisis. We expect Rt. Hon. Speaker to be concerned about the current serious communal violence that is threatening life of every citizen.
Finally, we have resolved that unless the issue of the SPLM-IO is resolved so that the Parliament works to address the problems facing our people, we shall disrupt the celebration on August 6, 2022 unless the celebration is done in the SPLM-IG House. Any celebration that will be made in the name of the Parliament, which is boycotted by the SPLM-IO and members of other oppositions which made the Parliament to be non- function to address the crisis facing our citizens shall We shall write to the Pan African Parliament, to East African Legislative Assembly, Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) and its members not to attend such functions as it is going to be marred with demonstration and press statement.

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