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Juba City Councils Arrest 32 Members of Notorious group “Nigazz”



Municipal council authorities receive the arrest of thirty-two persons from the Niqars community yesterday in Juba.

Monday July 25, 2022

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In the implementation of the Juba Municipal Council’s plan to make Juba city safe, the municipal council authorities yesterday Sunday arrested thirty-two persons from the Niqas community in different neighborhoods in Juba City, after the Juba Municipality Mayor Michael Lado Allah Gabo announced his fight against such retaliatory activities A hundred since March at This year, endorsed by the Governor of Central Tropical State, Emmanuel Adel Anthony, the formation of a joint security committee consisting of legal advisers and ministers of the state government, the Governor of Juba County and the Mayor of Juba Municipal Council, which launched its first campaign last Friday led by Deputy A For Governor Sarah Nene Rodinto.

In a press statement by the Mayor of Juba, Michael Ladaullah Gabo via the media, expressed his happiness for their joint cooperation with the Governor of Juba County, Engr. Charles Joseph Wani to stop such activities which are becoming a great danger to the citizens of Juba City and Province, adding that they will work hard. According to their local government slogan “No fear” and without compassion”

On his part, via the Executive Director of Juba Municipal Council, Hon. Charles is tired of how sorry he is for such activities, demanding all families to take responsibility of their children seriously and not child support in the wrong.

The Acting Director of Public Order of Juba Municipal Council, Temayo Lako said they in the Department of Public Order are seeking to organize all institutions, administrative structures and the citizens of Juba City at large for the establishment of an ideal state.

Source: Office Of The Mayor – Juba City Council. 

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